Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

I have been such a bad blogger this week. I promise to be better next week. I actually have been completely LAZY. I have not been to yoga ONCE. I planned on going this weekend but my sister called me yesterday and said she and my three nephews were going to my grandparents house in Tyler for the weekend and they would love for me to go. SOOOOO...I don't pass up a chance to see those little nuggets. I am beyond thrilled to see them. I wish Kallie was with me this weekend so she could see them.

Nolan, Colton & Leyton...OH.MY.GOODNESS.SO.STINKIN.CUTE. 

Colton...Look at that precious face. I could eat him up.

Ok, now onto my High Five For Friday. This week has really flown by! Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk on this lovely day.

1. Girls Weekend
Kat & Me!

Last Friday, my best friend from college came into town for a girls weekend. We had an absolute blast. We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants we used to eat at in Austin, Matt's El Rancho. You can't go wrong with Bob Armstrong Dip (the ultimate queso) and margaritas. We then went to my brother, Gabe's, bar The Knodding Donkey for some drinks. He ended up getting off early and we went out with his friends in Uptown. We felt so old. We kept saying remember when we used to do this back in the day. We were very impressed with ourselves that we made it home at 3 am!

Saturday we got up and went to lunch at Houlihan's and went shopping! We purchased Kallie's flower girl dress for Katherine's wedding! It is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait until the big day to see her in it. I would show it now but I want it to be a surprise! We then went and tried on my the dress I am going to be wearing in the wedding as a bridesmaid! It is also beautiful! Cannot wait! We hit up North Park for a little shopping as well. Katherine got me a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store!) for designing her save the dates. It was the perfect present. I had no choice but to spend it on myself. Last summer when my family went to the beach I bought a white dress from there for our beach pictures. My favorite dress of all time! I ended up finding it in black and a blueish-purple and buying them! Oops! :-)

Can you tell I love this dress?

After shopping we went home to relax before going to Urban Crust in downtown Plano. LOVE this place. It was an hour and a half wait!!! We went upstairs to see if there was in room on the patio and there was, so we just ate and got drinks out there. Holy hotness but so worth it for not having to wait! We had pizza, Bellini's and ended the night with a little champagne! After that we went home and fell asleep watching Morning Glory! The end to an amazing weekend! 

  Yummy Bellini time!!


2. Brother/Sister Bonding
Blame the fogginess on Kat. She even took two. Haha!

I got to see and spend time with my brother Gabe the Babe! He just moved back to Dallas about 2 months ago and I am SO HAPPY he is close now! He is not only my brother but my best friend. So happy I got to spend time with him. He has always been pretty awesome but I am so impressed with what an amazing person he has become. Both my little brothers have grown into such amazing men. 

3. Emily Giffin
I love Emily Giffin's books! Her newest one came out on Tuesday. I went and got it at Target and was pleasantly surprised that they had signed copies! I went to her book signing two years ago and plan on going this year with a co-worker. I love Where We Belong so far. So well written!

4. They're following ME!!

I design invitations and such as a side thing and I use Paper Source paper. They have such amazing quality. I am always so inspired after going to one of their stores. Last night I looked at my Pinterest and Paper Source is now following me! I am so excited!!!

5. Co-Workers ROCK!!!
Yummy margaritas!!

I am such a lucky girl because of the simple fact that my co-workers ROCK! We literally all enjoy hanging out together after work hours. Last night we met up for happy hour. We love us some happy hour!

Oh Krispy Kreme!

My co-worker/office neighbor/SUPER SMART mentor, Steve, brought these in for us on Monday. Such a nice treat! Yumm!!! He did of course leave them in my office so I would be tempted to eat them all! Haha!

Cannot wait for 2:00 to leave to go to Tyler! I will soon be spending time with my precious nephews, sister and grandparents! Happy weekend all!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


It's Friday!! I'm sure you guys already know that...

Here are my 5 favorite things from this past week...they are all pretty much surrounding my little munchkin...

1. Kallie baby!!

Last Friday, I left work early to go get this little cutie. I cannot even explain how excited I was to see her!

2. Truest Love

When we got home on Friday night we made this heart cake together. This girl LOVES to bake. She might get it from me.

3. I Don't Want To Grow Up

Kallie and I went to see Peter Pan at Dallas Summer Musicals on Saturday. We had an amazing time! I can't even express how excited I was we got to share that experience together!

 4. Casey's Birthday/Movie Night/ Girl's Night
Asa, KJ, Casey and me in San Diego...we thought we were gangster...obviously I'm not...
Casey, Hunter, me and Angie

These pictures are not from the other night but Casey's in them so it works. (And some of my favorite co-workers) Tuesday night Casey, Angie, Libby and I went to see Magic Mike to celebrate Casey's 26th birthday. I must say it was much better sneaking in some wine and laughing the WHOLE time with the girls.

5. Pay Day Baby

Who doesn't love pay day?!?! Today my friends my bank account is happy again. I have been really bad about updating you guys on my money freeze but I can happily say I have replenished my funds by SAVING, SAVING, SAVING!!! (Hoping I'm not jinxing myself!)

This weekend starting at 3:00 PM it is officially girls weekend and I am SO EXCITED! My best friend from college, Katherine, is coming to stay with me to have some fun girl time! I see some Bob Armstrong Dip and margaritas in our near future!! Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

Here are my favorites this week. I have been pinning so many wedding things...3 friends getting married gives me wedding brain. I will refrain from all of those and show you my other favorite pins this week.

1. Oh Mr. Lewis

So very true and I am seeing this so much clearly with every new day that comes. 

2. Chevron Love

I am going to start painting my walls next week. Planning on doing my taping on Sunday so I can come home everyday and paint one wall. I am planning on doing chevron in my bathroom. We shall see!

3. H20 Change Up
  It is super healthy to drink water every day but with my Bikram classes, I don't have a choice. These recipes will hopefully make it easier to do.

4. B-Day Fun

This would be so much fun to do for Kallie and/or a co-worker! I see this in my future!

5. Creative Organization

I'm always down for some creative organization. This would look awesome above my office desk.

 I want to make this my next project, after painting my apartment of course. I might be enlisting some help.

 7. CUTEST Save the Date

I've designed 2 save the Dates in the past 2 weeks and I have found myself constantly finding ones I LOVE. How cute is this one? 3D!! Too cute!!

8. Awesome Alternative

How smart is this idea? Print out the address in the font you want but just lighten the opacity of it, then take a pen and go over it. Your wedding guests will think you have mad calligraphy skills! 

8. Sweet Love

This would make for a cute Valentine's day present would be for a loved one or even for your whole office.

10. Holy Sweetness

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Oreos. Do I even need to explain? Yummmm...

{ALL via my Pinterest}

Monday, July 16, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday | Here Comes A Tony!!

Saturday Kallie and I went to see her first Broadway show, Peter Pan!! I cannot even explain how excited I was. I was actually a little nervous because I didn't know if she would enjoy this amazing experience as much as I wanted her to.

 Not sure what she's looking at! Haha!

In college, every summer I worked at Dallas Summer Musicals. A perk to working there was that I got to watch as many shows as my heart desired. I literally saw Moving Out 27 times! It's my favorite. Hairspray, Wicked, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, and many more. 

We got to the music hall around noon and went straight to the Kids Club event. Kallie enjoyed making a crown, an eye patch, dancing around with Radio Disney, eating an ice cream sundae and meeting some of the Peter Pan cast. 

 Yum, yum! Ice cream sundae!

Playing the magic piano!

 She wanted the sword!

Kallie wanted me to wear her crown & show off her photo taking skills!

After getting our tickets, we went in and waited for everyone to take their seats for the show to start. I am happy to say that Kallie LOVED it! Her eyes were lit up the entire show. She even cried a little during the intermission because she thought it was over. Her favorite character by far was Tiger Lily. She loved how she flipped around, sang and danced. She was constantly asking where Tiger Lily was. She is very excited to start gymnastics in the fall so she can flip like Tiger Lily! I see a Tony in Kallie's future!

We will for sure be making future trips to the music hall. Next up, Lion King!

Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five For Friday

Today my friends is a great day! FRIDAY!!! WAHOO!!!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for her HF4F link up! My 5 favorite things from this past week...and now...

1. Kallie Baby Weekend

In about an hour I'm driving to Ft. Worth to pick up my sweet girl to keep her for the weekend! I love July because I get some me time and I hate July because she is away from me for 5 weeks but it makes our reunion AWESOME! This time away from her makes me appreciate being her Momma so much more!


Our reunion will look something like this. ( Can you tell I love this picture?)

2. My Dad's Special Day

That's me with my AMAZING dad! He turned 55 this past Sunday. We had dinner and that yummy cheesecake below. I have a dad with a heart of PURE gold. I am so blessed to have such a great father and so happy we spent the day celebrating him.

  I'm craving a piece right now!

 Card to my Dad from Kallie baby! Perfect fit!

My card to my Dad...I feel in love at first sight with this. There were tears shed.

3. Office Celebration

On Monday, we got to celebrate our new client! Margaritas and cake  on Monday? Heck yeah! We are thrilled!!!! (Heather would like me to disclose that she did not do the word art on this cake! LOL!)

4. Some Nights by fun.

I'm OBSESSED with this song. I am listening to it as I type.

Favorite part:

My heart is breaking for my sister and the con she called love...
But when I look into my nephews eyes...
Man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from terrible nights...

5. Kidz Gym

Kallie is officially signed up for gymnastics! Signed her up on Tuesday and I am SO EXCITED!!!
She starts the first Tuesday she gets back from her Dads and she is going to love it!

Happy Friday all!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top Ten Pins

Top 10 pins from this week...I think this is my favorite post subject every week. All can be found via my Pinterest. (likes)

1. My Sweet Nephews

I think my nephews need this in their room...

2. Side Sweep Bob 

Can you tell how tempted I am to cut my hair? Short hair makes my face look round though...maybe not...

3. Word
 Cannot even express how true this is. Amazing what positive thinking does for you.

4. You Got My Heart Kid

Thinking about making these for the birthday grab bags for Kallie's birthday party. This would be a fun project to do together!

5. Coral + Tan

I'm loving these colors together. I would love a tan couch with coral accent pillows in my living room.

6. Spiffy

I SOOOO need this iPhone case for show site. How convenient.

7. Turn It Around Baby

Turning things around here.

8. Shower Heaven

I will have this one day. I can feel it now.

9. Sister Love

This reminds me of my sister and I. Wish Kallie could have this kind of love someday. The blonde girl reminds me of her! LOVE!!

10. NERD