Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five For Friday

Friday has come yet again. Sort of have mixed feelings about this one because Kallie left for her Dad's yesterday for an ENTIRE month. I am looking forward to some ME time that I desperately need but I already miss her.

On to my top five moments of this past week. Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk again...

1./ Kallie and I had a date at Studio Movie Grill to see Brave 3D on Wednesday. LOVED it. There were several moments Kallie got very upset. The girl is sensitive when it comes to peoples feelings and when anyone gets hurt. We will be purchasing this one for our home collection for sure. About a mother/daughter relationship and I loved the message.

2./ Best of Mexico 12 pack of bottled beers. My favorite is the Dos Equis Amber. I'll buy this from now on.

3./ July To Do List. I always create a LOOOOONG list of things to do while Kallie is at her dads. I almost crossed everything off my list last year. Hopefully I will do the same this year.

4./ Donut breakfast with the Kallie babes. I look forward to this every week because Kallie does too. It's the one day a week it's easy to get her out of bed too. (The closest thing I could get to a smile!)

5./ Netflix. I signed up for the free trial while Kallie is gone. I have never seen 30 Rock and they have every season so I can catch up. Did you hear me say free trial? :-) They also have several TV shows that I like on there.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!! HAving a Magic Mike day tomorrow with some of the ladies in my family! LOL! Actually looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

Here are my favorite pins from this week...

1. Amy Poehler

I just finished reading Tina Fey's book Bossypants and LOVED it. Hilarious and inspiring! I really wish Amy Poehler would come out with her own book as well!

2. Go for the Chop

Every couple months I say I'm going to cut my hair off. I am going through a lot of changes right now and I always think a new haircut is a great start to a new path in life. I'm loving this bob. Should I or should I not?

3. Holy Health

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes. Holy crap. These are going on my to make list for THIS WEEKEND. Made with whole wheat flour and bananas instead of can die now.

4. Leopard Wild

I need a new chair for my office desk. I'm thinking about finding some leopard print material to recover the one I already have and painting the wood gold! Would be a fun project! 


Tough week but I am finding I am stronger than I thought. 

6. Humanity

Get ready to CRY...I did. 

7. Birthday Cake Cheesecake


8.  Knotted Jersey Headband

Thinking about making some of these for myself for Bikram yoga! Too cute!

9. Letting Go

10. Cupcake Stud Muffin

This is a must on my to get my nephew list...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hard Knocks

I'm going through a really hard breakup of sorts and this trailer seems perfectly fitting for today...

Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) met in high school, married young 
and are growing apart. Now thirty, Celeste is the driven owner of her own media 
consulting firm, Jesse is once again unemployed and in no particular rush to do anything 
with his life. Celeste is convinced that divorcing Jesse is the right thing to do -- she is on 
her way up, he is on his way nowhere, and if they do it now instead of later, they can 
remain supportive friends.  Jesse passively accepts this transition into friendship, even 
though he is still in love with her.  As the reality of their separation sets in, Celeste slowly 
and painfully realizes she has been cavalier about their relationship, and her decision, 
which once seemed mature and progressive, now seems impulsive and selfish. But her 
timing with Jesse is less than fortuitous.  While navigating the turbulent changes in their 
lives and in their hearts, these two learn that in order to truly love someone, you may 
have to let them go. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five For Friday

I have so been looking forward to today ALL week! So happy it has finally arrived!

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my 5 favorite things from this week!

1. I said YES!

My sweet step-sister asked me to be one of her bridesmaids in her wedding. So looking forward to the upcoming months of planning and celebrating!

2. Life Planner
I purchased my Erin Condren Life Planner last night and I am BEYOND excited. I am not ashamed of being 100% nerd.



Three of my favorite girls, Taylor, Katherine and Sydney, asked me to design their save the dates and wedding invitations. I am beyond thrilled and cannot wait to start creating them! Have I mentioned Kallie is going to be a flower girl 3 times for all 3 of these lovely ladies?!?! I am beyond thrilled! Kallie baby is one lucky girl!

4. The Conversation

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this show. The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet is a show where she interviews four women every episode ranging from clothing designers, authors, actresses, etc. Such an inspiring show. I think ALL women should watch this. I can honestly say it has taught me so much about who am and who I want to be.

5. My AMAZING Grandpa

Getting to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday with family and friends was pretty sweet. I do wish I got to see them a WHOLE LOT more!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

Here are my top ten pins from ahhh...Pinterest this week. This was a good week as I look through them.

1. Pound Cake Fries with Red Velvet Dip

Holy Crap! Drooling...

2.  Super Mom to the rescue...

I'm sure this is a thought that goes through every single mothers mind but I constantly think it. Am I doing enough for Kallie? To me, being a mom is the single hardest job in the world. Being a single mom, it feels like the load is doubled honestly. When I get upset with her and have to discipline her I really let it get to me. I feel horrible for having to spank her or put her in time out, even though in the long run she needs these things to learn the difference in wrong and right. Nights where she won't go to bed and I constantly have to tell her, "Kallie go to sleep!" 30 minutes later..."KALLIE, GO TO SLEEP!" The next morning she is all smiles and tells me how much she loves me. To her I am amazing even though I don't feel I deserve it.

3. Is it really over..??

I finished Mockingjay, the last book in The Hunger Games series, last week. I'm feeling a little depressed that story is over.

4. Birthday Hat Headband

I have started planning Kallie's 4th birthday party and I just thought this idea was TOO STINKING CUTE!!

5. AWWW...

Does this even need words?

6. Ahhh...

This has been a very hard week for me for some reason. Just feel like I'm running on empty. I told me boss the other day, "I don't feel tired, I feel exhausted, if that even makes sense..." Sometimes you just have to remember to inhale and then exhale.

7. Fonts Galore!

How cool are all these fonts? Some are even FREE!!!

8. You Can't Break ME!

So very true.

9. Hair Dews...

I am HORRIBLE with hair! Poor Kallie always has her hair down because I just am not good with ponytails, pigtails, braids...nothing. I am determined to get better at this. Hello I've heard.

10. Tina Fey

I'm reading her book "Bossypants" right now. This woman is AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Money Freeze Update

I know, I'm already behind on updating on my June/July money freeze. I can honestly say, I'm not doing too shabby. In the past I have been REALLY BAD about keeping up with receipts. I always get them but they usually end up in my waste basket or a drawer. I have now been keeping them in my planner as a constant reminder.

I broke down and bought...WINE. Guilty as charged. Oops. I'm totally going to justify this purchase. SANITY. Sometimes the only thing I want when I get home from work is a glass of wine. I deserve it, so I'm going to have it. I'm giving up a whole lot more I think I'll stick with it when I want it.

I am also going to be purchasing an Erin Condren Life Planner on Friday as well. Get ready for it, I'm going to justify this as well. I am a HUGE organizer. I write everything out and I'm a firm believer that organization creates a simpler life. One of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Texan Couture, Instagramed her Erin Condren  Life Planner and I thought it was so cute and instantly pinned it on to my to get list! CREATIVE ORGANIZATION?!?! Count me in!

Um, hello?!?! Who could pass all this goodness up?!?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh What a Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was packed FULL of family/friend time. Just a warning, I didn't do too great with picture taking. The few I did get are blurry but I will share them anyways. Most of the others are stolen from those friends/family!

Friday evening we threw a engagement party for my dear step-seester, Sydney, and her fiance, Reagan. There was lots of Italian food, cupcakes and drinks that were had, so of course it was a real good time. She asked all of her bridesmaids at the party and it was very special. Let the wedding planning begin!

Saturday morning Kallie and I got up bright and early to go to Tyler for my Grandpa's 80th birthday! I got to see family I haven't seen in a very long time. I also got to see 2 of my 3 nephews. Love those little guys! I was really bad about taking pictures of my family, which is not like me at all. Trust me, I'm just as upset about it as you are.
 Sweet Nolan & Kallie

 Made a special cupcake for my special sister, Dana!
With my baby nephew, Colton!

On my favorite couch in the world (My grandma's) with Dana & Colton

That evening we went and stayed with my best friend, Katherine, and her fiance, Jeff. We went to dinner at Chuy's. Takes us back to Austin...oh the memories. It was nice spending the evening with them and talking about all things wedding. They are getting hitched in March. So many weddings coming up!

The ladies at Chuy's...see, blurry! :-(

Beer-a-rita...TROUBLE! These are so good!!!

Throwing pennies in the fountain. She was wanting to do this all during dinner.

My silly girl!

Overall the weekend was a blast! Not going to lie though, I am counting down the days until my nice relaxing  weekend coming up!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Now that I have my fair share of blueberries in my freezer, I am being drawn into all these recipes popping up on Pinterest with them. These have moved to the top of my priority list! 

Moist Blueberry Cake with Light Lemon Frosting

Blueberry Lavender Mojito

Blueberry Preserves (on Vanilla Ice Cream)

Blueberry Streusel Bars with Lemon Cream Filling

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Are you drooling yet??

Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five For Friday

I LOVER me some Fridays but they seem to be coming faster and faster. I am so happy for this one because this weekend is full of friends, family and celebrating! Tonight is my sisters engagement party and tomorrow Kallie and I are driving to Tyler, TX to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday!

Here are my 5 favorite things that happened this week! Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk!

1. The Blueberry Festival

Loved getting to celebrate with my parents and favorite second family, the Garlington's! You can read my full recap here.

2. Royal Crowns

My lovely crowns I got at The Blueberry Festival for my office at work!

3. The Huger Games no more...

I FINALLY finished the third and final book in The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay. I started reading it...a long time ago. It was an awesome book but I have been so busy, I just couldn't fit in any reading time. I'm kind of sad it's over now.

4. Our Little All-Star

My oldest nephew, Leyton, got the game ball in his ALL-STAR game. So proud of him! We are a bunch of over-achievers! :-)

5. Cupcake Queen

Had so much fun baking A WHOLE LOT of cupcakes with Kallie for Sydney's engagement party tonight!

Happy weekend everyone!!