Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm back, Jack!

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! It's been almost 4 years since I last posted...  I apologize for the crickets over the last few years.

I have done a lot of pondering over the last couple months about going back to the things I really love and one of those things is BLOGGING!! I have remained a reader of blogs but stopped writing and honestly I don't really know why?!?!

I went and saw one of my dear friends from years ago a few weeks ago. While I was visiting with her and seeing her beautiful home, she was so inspiring. She reminded me of how I use to love to decorate and be creative and well, I haven't done much of any of that in a while. Right then I started thinking of all the things that used to make me happy and how I want all of those things again.

Another big thing happened yesterday that also made me think, do what makes you happy! It was the anniversary of mom's passing. It has been 15 years.. I'm not sure why it just hit me, especially after 15 years but I had an euphony! It might have been from all the sweet posts that everyone said about her. That how she always had a smile on her face and was really happy. I know if she was still here today she would be doing something BIG! I know she would probably be using her incredible talents and probably running her own empire. I was lucky enough to get some of her talents and I have decided I need to start utilizing them and dream of being remembered like her, always having a smile and being happy.

Most people live their year from doing BIG things starting on New Years day. I'm going to change mine up and live mine from the day my mom passed away, June 14th. I will think back each year on it's anniversary and think, did I live the way she would have lived? Each year I am going to make a list of things I would like to accomplish. At least 5 on the day of. I'll hopefully add to them as the year goes on and I cross things off my list...

Here is my list for this year...

1) Start blogging again! Well, doing pretty good so blogging is back, Jack!

2) Start taking a dance/hip hop class! I absolutely love to dance, especially hip hop! I'm going to find a class I can take once a week. Going to get my grove back --yes, I'm officially old! Anyone in Houston know of any good places for adult hip hop classes?

3) Go on walks and do morning yoga! We just moved to a new neighborhood that has an AMAZING park for walking so I really have no excuses. Kallie leaves for her dads in a week so when she is gone I really have no excuses to not start doing yoga again in the morning. We have plenty of space to do it every morning before I get to work!

4) Start doing creative projects again! This one should come easy since we just bought a new house and I am decorating like crazy. I love to make things myself for our home, refinish old furniture, etc. I want to complete at least one project each month but will am for many more!

5) Pursue my own dream - start my own company! I have already started to do research on this but haven't dedicated enough time to it. That will change this year!

6) Be more invested in my job! I have a pretty amazing job that I am blessed to have. I am going to be more invested in it and work harder this year!

Well, friends! This WILL BE the first of many blog posts you will see. I have many things to blog about... our lives have changed TREMENDOUSLY over the last few years. To name a few, met the man of my dreams (AGAIN!!), moved to Houston, married said man, bought a house...plenty of AWESOME things to fill you all in on! Stay tuned!!

Much LOVE!!