Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five For Friday

I am soooo happy this Friday is here! It is a little bittersweet though because it is my offices last early release Friday, but that also means fall is right around the corner! Which, is our BUSIEST show season! Hmmm...

Anyhoo... here 5 things that were simply awesome from this past week!!

1. Kallie Started PRE-K!!!

She was so excited to start wearing uniforms and be in a new classroom with new teachers! It's now Friday and she's over the whole uniform thing but I'm hoping she gets used to it! 

2. Matt Bomer/White Collar

How beautiful is this man? He was in Magic Mike and I recently started watching his hit show White Collar on USA. Love it and love him. He is the cutest father of 3 boys with his partner too! So stinking cute!

3. Holy Food

It's my birthday week and I have been eating out A LOT for the special occasion! Two of my AWESOME co-workers made breakfast for our office! (It just happened to be my real birthday day!) I cannot even describe how delicious it was! Thanks Todd and Scotty!!

4. Let Them Eat Cake!!
My super cute cake from Say it with Sugar! We always get cakes here for special occasions but this my first very own! They are so good! I was going to bring the leftovers to work today to share but I decided to keep it for myself! ;-)

Hayley, Gabe and me a couple of weekends ago at Christie's  

On Wednesday night, my cousin Hayley and her boyfriend, Brett, met Kallie and I for dinner. It was a very special birthday treat. Last night, my family took me out for dinner to celebrate!  I'm so lucky to have family that is so close and loving! (I look 100% exhausted last night! haha!)

Happy Friday all!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today I Am

Today I Am:

loving: that I am the birthday girl! 29 today! i was sort of dreading it but things have been happening in my life recently that have made it a lot easier to ease into!

wearing: my favorite white dress from ann taylor loft! and my favorite BCBG wedges!

watching: i watched blue collar with matt bomer before work this morning. he is one beautiful man.

thinking about: where i want to go for my birthday lunch with my coworkers!

reading: work emails. exciting stuff i know!

feeling: special!

cooking: nothing. my co-workers did just make an amazing breakfast that was delicious! no one should cook on their birthday.

wishing: it's a secret! includes a special guy.

i stole this from my awesome cousin brielle. love you girl!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Girl Starts Pre-K

Kallie started Pre-Kindergarten this past Monday! My baby girl is growing up so fast! She was so excited to be in a new classroom with new teachers. She was also very excited about her uniforms, I may have been slightly more excited about them!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

It's my favorite post of the week! My favorite pins from this week! I'm apparently feeling very inspired this week...I think it has something to with the Olympics, and that my sweet little girl is coming home TOMORROW!!!!!

1. Clap Yo' Hands

I'm feeling very proud of myself this week for the things I have accomplished in my life recently. We all deserve a little applause every once and a while!

2. Sit Back & Relax

I have the most AMAZING purple chaise lounge ;-) but this chair just looks simply to sit back and enjoy a good book and equally good cup of coffee in.

3. Your Children
 I need to remember this on a daily basis.

4. Curiosity

 I'm learning that there is no point in having fear. It gets you nowhere.

5. Little Funny

This makes me laugh every time I read it.

6. Morning Yum

 Who wouldn't be excited to eat these yummy oatmeals every morning?

7. Someone

Another one to remember. I wish they would hurry up.


Watching the 2012 London Olympic games as we speak. I love this time every four years.

8. Leopard Does No Wrong

I love everything about this leopard runner.

10. DREAM BIG...


(All via my Pinterest)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm not sure how anyone cannot be drawn into the Olympics! Watching Americans living out their dreams right in front of your eyes makes you feel like you know them. Like they are inviting you into the most amazing time of their lives. All these athletes are far away in jolly ol' London but watching their triumphs makes you want to do a back flip off your couch and hold your breath while they travel 200 meters across a pool, like you are the one competing. It makes you feel American. A pretty amazing feeling.

They create so much inspiration for me to see them reach these amazing goals and then once they reach them they set higher ones. It makes me think I can achieve anything I can set my mind to. I know I won't ever me an Olympian but it makes me feel closer to my dreams just seeing them achieve theirs. So proud of the USA! I say thank you for living your dreams!

The commercials this year have been AMAZING! Here are just a few of my favorites!