The Purple Chaise Story

Well, here she is! Isn't she beautiful? No, not me, the chair!

I have been wanting to start a new blog for a very long time now. I read my favorite blogs on a daily basis and knew if I was going to start blogging again I wanted a great name for it. Sounds pretty easy don't you think? To think of a creative, cute blog name. No, not so much.

Ever so often, my parents neighborhood has a set Saturday where anyone living there can have a garage sale if they would like. Last weekend happened to be one of those Saturdays and I happened to be dog sitting for my parents. I stopped at the bank the day before for some just in case money.

That morning I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I walked by one sale and didn't really notice anything that caught my eye and I decided right then that if nothing jumped out at me, from a distance, then I wasn't even going to stop. The second house I came upon, I didn't pay much attention...until I looked back over my shoulder for some reason after I had passed it.

There it was. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, other than my daughter of course! It was love at first sight, literally. I ran back to the sale and checked out the price tag.


Are you kidding? I asked the owner, "Does that say $20?" Yep!

"I'll take it!"

I looked around a little bit more and found a lamp and mirror that I plan on fixing up and putting in my office, right along with my new purple chaise lounge. All three need a little TLC but I know they are going to make my office beautiful.

I knew I not only found the most amazing find ever but I also knew I found the name of my new blog, The Purple Chaise Girl. Where I'll blog about pretty much everything with a lot of TLC.

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