Friday, October 26, 2012

HIGH 5 for FRIDAY!!!

First, and foremost, I'm back...I hope! Laugh out loud! The past two months of my life have been a little past  CRAZY! The beginning of August I met this guy who I completely fell head over heels for. By the end of our first date I was thinking he was THE ONE. That's how hard I fell. Then, a month later he dropped me flat on my face. I'm still a little spun by it because he didn't really give a reason other than, "I have commitment issues," out of nowhere. Made me a little insecure with myself. My co-workers, brother, cousin and friends were amazing through it all because they 100% made me believe in the FACT that he is CRAZY for letting me such an amazing ME slip through his fingers and I have to say I agree!

This other thing called WORK happened right afterwards which completely took my mind off of it. I've worked for my company for awhile now and we are always pretty busy but September and October are one  of two times out of the year that it is NUTS around these parts. 75% of our company travels 75% of the year and during those months 99% are traveling. Crazy business but I LOVE what we do. I also took on save the dates, rehearsal dinner and WEDDING INVITATIONS for a very close family friend. Did I mention my most important job called mommy! I honestly cannot tell you how I fit everything into the past two months but somehow, I did. I can now say that everything has calmed down and I hopefully will be back to blogging on a regular basis.

I'm done with excuses and let's get this IT'S FRIDAY party started with a little thing I like to call High Five for Friday folks!

1) Not going to brag our anything but I have good genes! I have some of the most beautiful family members around period. I might be a little bias but I'll let my sisters latest modeling stint speak for its self...

That's my sister, Dana, on the far left! Isn't she beautiful! So excited for her! I'm going to Austin next weekend and fully plan on going to take a picture of it in our University Co-op! If you go to the website there is a chnce you will find another picture of her (and more family members...cough, cough) on there! Not supposed to share but don't tell her I told you! :-)

2) Last night I was browsing Facebook and happened upon one of my old bosses pages. She lost her battle with cancer yesterday. I haven't spoken with her in years but my heart completely sank. She was always so sweet, was a huge lover of animals and gave me a job when I really needed one! I was clueless that she had been sick. How unhealthy I (and Kallie) have been eating lately has really been on my mind. I am a believer of what we put in our body is a huge culprit of why so many people are so sick. My mom passed away from cancer 10 years ago and we have a history of it in our family. I have decided that I would like to really focus on becoming a vegan and introducing it into Kallie's diet as well. It will be a slow process but I am looking forward to a healthier lifestyle for both of us. I think we will checkout a vegan restaurant this weekend actually!

Look at these amazing vegan meals...(via Foodspotting)

 3) HALLOWEEN is here people and I cannot even explain how excited Kallie is! My girl LOVES this holiday! I'm not really sure why she loves it so much but she does. It could be the candy. We went to see Hotel Transylvania a couple of weekends ago and she just had to decorate our apartment.

Yes, that is our Christmas tree now a Halloween tree! ;-)

4) Remember that thing I said about my company traveling a lot? Well, I actually just got back from a work trip in Orlando. I folks got to fly FIRST CLASS for the FIRST TIME!!! It was quite funny because I had already boarded the plane and was happily sitting in my 12D seat in couch when a flight attendant came back and said, "Are you Ms. Rhodes? You're supposed to be in first class ma'am!" I was THRILLED to say the least. Not to reflect on it too much but it really just made me think how far I have come. I just keep thinking I got there through a WHOLE LOT of hard work! Also, we were in line behind Carey Hart going through security. I was a little excited! He is a very good looking guy and he seemed extremely nice!

5) Taylor Swift's CD RED came out on Tuesday and I am currently listening to it. LOVE HER and EVERY SONG!!! Her music is my guilty pleasure not going to lie, must be the teenager in me! :-)

Happy weekend everybody!!! It is currently freezing outside and I am looking forward to a bundled up, hot chocolate, pumpkin painting/carving weekend with the little misses!! :-)