Hello, I’m Mykla, database manager by day and mommy by night. I was raised in a little East Texas town called Mt. Pleasant where I picked up a little bit of a Texas twang before moving to the Dallas area, mixed in with some Austin for some Longhorn education and Arlington for a little more.  I am now back living in the Big D area with my sweetheart of a daughter, Kallie.

I love wine and cupcakes mixed in with some Bikram Yoga. I’m slightly addicted to Disney Channel even when my daughter isn’t watching. I watch all four seasons of Felicity once a year and I am always glued to my couch every Sunday night for Game of Thrones, The Newsroom or GIRLS. Thank you HBO.

I have created this blog for the most part to write. My dream is to be an author but writing makes me nervous. Not a great combo, eh? Here is to pushing my boundaries. I have all these ideas running around in my head but for some reason I haven’t put the pen to paper yet. I am hoping this blog helps me with that. You will probably get many pictures of Kallie and my three precious nephews, lots of yummy desserts and DIY projects!


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