Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Money Freeze Update

I know, I'm already behind on updating on my June/July money freeze. I can honestly say, I'm not doing too shabby. In the past I have been REALLY BAD about keeping up with receipts. I always get them but they usually end up in my waste basket or a drawer. I have now been keeping them in my planner as a constant reminder.

I broke down and bought...WINE. Guilty as charged. Oops. I'm totally going to justify this purchase. SANITY. Sometimes the only thing I want when I get home from work is a glass of wine. I deserve it, so I'm going to have it. I'm giving up a whole lot more I think I'll stick with it when I want it.

I am also going to be purchasing an Erin Condren Life Planner on Friday as well. Get ready for it, I'm going to justify this as well. I am a HUGE organizer. I write everything out and I'm a firm believer that organization creates a simpler life. One of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Texan Couture, Instagramed her Erin Condren  Life Planner and I thought it was so cute and instantly pinned it on to my to get list! CREATIVE ORGANIZATION?!?! Count me in!

Um, hello?!?! Who could pass all this goodness up?!?!


  1. AHh i'm jealous!! I want one of her planners SO BAD!! What cover are you getting? Go you on your freeze! And Wine is DEF worth it! :) xox

  2. I'm going to get this's called my favorite things. I have been looking forward to it since they went on pre-sale last week. I'm such a nerd! LOL!

  3. I want that planner soooooo bad!! I'm totally jealous :) Great job on keeping up with your money freeze. We've tried a similar idea a couple of times, but I think I've planned poorly up to it, so it's never worked for us. Time to devise another strategy and you've completely motivated me!