Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet Nolan

A few weekends ago, Kallie and I packed up the car and  went to Austin to celebrate sweet Nolan's 4th birthday. He is the middle of my three pack of the most precious nephews EVER! You'll see from the pictures below that they are probably the best looking boys around!

I love weekends with Kallie at my sister and brother-in-laws home. Kallie would move there if I let her because she cannot get enough time with her cousins. It is constant noise coming from the playroom and it is the sweetest sound. If my job allowed it, we would move there. I spent three years of school in Austin and love every aspect of it.

For Nolan's birthday, my sister threw a little party at a local splash park. I wish I could find one near us because they are so much fun! The kids had an absolute blast!

We are already looking forward to the next trip to visit the cousins!

 Kallie & Nolan

 Kallie & Uncle Rhett

 Sweet Nolan

 Kallie & Colton



 At the Splash Park!

 Kal Bell

 Leyton, Rhett, Colton, Dana & Nolan

 Singing Happy Birthday to Nolan!

 Love this little man!

 Time for a water balloon fight!!

 Kallie made a bet with me that she wouldn't fall asleep! Looks like I won!



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