Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday, Ya'll!

Who is happy it's Friday? This girl right here! Thankfully I even get off at 3 today, wahoo! I am linking up with Lauren over at Lauren Elizabeth for her High Five for Friday!

1)  I have been on Weight Watchers for a couple of weeks and their app is awesome! I have it on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Love it!
2) Speaking of Weight Watchers! I have lost 5 pounds so far! I am extremely happy about that!
3) Kallie is OBSESSED with Wonder Woman! I bought her the costume from Zulily and it might be the best purchase I have ever made. She LOVES it!
4) I bought myself a Father's Day present! Yup! I plan on cooking a couple recipes from it this weekend!
5) I LOVE Fridays the most because I have Donut Friday with my little sweetheart every week! She even shared her donut holes with me this morning. "You can have as many as you want Mommy!"

Happy weekend y'all!

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