Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh, the places she will go...

My little nugget has graduated from Pre-K...sort of! She actually will be going to private kindergarten next year because she falls two weeks late of the September 1st cut off date exactly. So, you'll be seeing more graduation pictures next year as well when she goes to actual kindergarten! She looked to darn cute in her cap and gown to not show you guys!

We are very blessed with the school she goes to. I consider it a second home for her. Her teachers are amazing and it is so comforting when I drop her off everyday because I know how much she loves it there. Everyone always says hello and goodbye each day and they go out of there way for events and any help you may need. They did an amazing job with graduation! The theme was "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. A whole lot of family came out to support her which made her heart happy! She was thrilled to see some of her aunts and uncles there just for her.

 I got her the the Dr. Seuss book and had everyone who came write her a little note. I think this will be one of the little things she will appreciate later on!
The invitation

 Kallie looking for me...I'm right here! 

 Celebrate good times!!
 My little graduate
 Kallie with her PaPa and TaTa!
 Kallie with her Aunt Sydney and Uncle Reagan! Reagan just got back from Afghanistan! We are so proud of him!
 Kallie and her Uncle Babe (Gabe). I'm pretty sure this is her favorite person on earth!
 Kallie and me! So proud of my baby girl!
The family...not sure what Gabe is doing! ;)

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