Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sewing Essentials

I am really getting into this sewing thing...other than the actual sewing part! I haven't actually sat down at the machine just yet. I have been doing lots of research on all the essential things I will need other than the actual sewing machine! It's a lot of stuff.

I went to Hobby Lobby today and made a couple purchases. Most craft stores have pretty great coupons and for some of this stuff you really need to have coupons because they can be a little pricey. I really hope I get the sewing machine down. Ha. I am going to slowly start adding to my sewing essential collection as I see what I need the most at the time. We shall see how things go.

I really lucked out today because all of Sew-Ology notion products were 50% off. Score!! I also had a 40% Hobby Lobby coupon for one full priced item. Double score!!

Below are the sewing essentials that I found on the diy dreamer's blog Sewing 101 - Guide for beginners, like me..! Hopefully everything will be crossed off soon! Everything I have gotten is bold and red!

1) Extra rotary cutter blades.
2) 45mm rotary cutter.
3) Smaller scissors for detail work.
4) Fabric scissors. Scored some of these with my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon!
5) Seam ripper.
6) Needles. I think this will be something I am constantly getting.
7) Zipper foot.
8) Darning foot.
9) Walking foot.
10) Chop stick, for poking out corners. Great excuse for me to order some Pei Wei this weekend!
11) Water soluble pen. I got a pencil with a brush on the end.
12) Small flat head screwdriver. For tightening the feet on your machine.
13) Fray check.
14) Elastic thread.
15) Pins.
16) Bobbins.
17) Clear grid ruler.
18) NOT PICTURED. Self healing mat. It's a must have for the rotary cutter. These are a little pricey from what I saw at Hobby Lobby. I will for sure be using a coupon for this.

1) Glue gun.
2) Elastic. Sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1" in width.
3) Spray starch.
4) Velcro.
5) Safety pins. For pushing elastic through a waistband casing.
6) Needles for hand sewing. 
7) Twill tape.
8) Spray adhesive.

1) Cotton webbing.
2) Grommets.
3) Thread, lots of it, especially white, cream and brown. Another one I will be on my list constantly.
4) Magnetic snaps. For purses, clutches, etc.
5) Zippers.
6) Snaps/snap setter.
7) Buttons. At the moment this is my favorite notion to look for. I love all the different ones you can get!

1) Medium weight fusible interfacing.
2) Iron on adhesive.
3) Fusible fleece. Great for bags, zippered pouches, give a nice padding effect and gives body.
4) Cotton quilt batting.
5) Polyester fill. For making softies, pillow forms, etc.
6) Muslin.
7) Plain cotton canvas.

As you can see I have a LOT to get! In time, in time! Getting very excited about this!!

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