Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A few things to be excited about...

I must say, life is pretty splendid at the moment! I am knocking on wood as we speak! I thought I would share just a few things I am excited about at the moment...

- Kallie goes to her dad's next month for her summer with him...for the entire month...super sad face here. It does give me a nice little break but I'm over the me time in a couple days. I get to spend a weekend with her out of that month and I try and make it as special as possible! This time around I got us tickets to her FIRST CONCERT!!! I am taking her to see Bridgit Mendler! She plays one of the main characters, Teddy, in one of our favorite Disney shows, Good Luck Charlie! Okay, I might be more excited then her at the moment. I got her soundtrack today and we are going to start learning all her songs today!

- A friend of mine from high school, Coral Abood, is coming down from Kentucky and is taking pictures for one day only! I booked a session as soon as I found out! Her work is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait! I am also fitting this in on my special weekend with Kallie next month! Check out Coral's photography at Willow Tree Photography! She may have a few spots available or if you live near Louisville!

- I was OBSESSED with this movie when it came out in theaters  When it came out I happened to work at a Studio Movie Grill and they guy who runs the film found out and let me see it before ANYONE! I might or might not have seen 30 times in the theater! Anyways....Kallie found it and is now as obsessed with it as I was. She watches it every day on the way to and from school, singing along the whole time! I got her that soundtrack today as well. She is going to be thrilled. I may regret this because she is going to want me to dance ALL the time!

- I bought a sewing machine! It something I have been wanting to invest in for a very long time and just haven't done it. My mom was an expert in this area and I hope it rubbed off on me! We shall see! My siblings and I always had the cutest clothes that my mom made for us. I hope to be able to do this for Kallie. I also got an amazing deal on all these patterns at Hobby Lobby! They were $.99 each! That's $170 in savings! Incredible! I'll keep you guys updated on my progress!

- Today is weigh in day and....I've lost 6.2 POUNDS TOTAL! Thrilled! I love Weight Watchers! They make it so easy! 

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