Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Nation's Capital - Washington, D.C.

I am very lucky with my job because I get to be available to my daughter at all times and I also get to travel about two to three times a year. This last trip I got to go to Washington, DC for a week staying literally 4 miles from The White House. I fell in love with this city. Mind you, I would NEVER want to drive there though. I've never heard so much honking in my life!

One night while we were there my boss and his wife asked if I would like to go look at all the monuments. I jumped at the chance. We walked around for two and half hours and didn't even realize it until we were at dinner afterwards. I have to say this was one of my favorite experiences to date.

Is it strange to say that I feel more American now that I have visited Our Nation's Capital? I could not get over how beautiful the monuments were. I felt like a tiny little ant looking up at the Washington Monument and standing at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial almost moved me to tears just being in its presence.

Washington Monument
World War II Memorial
Had to pose next to good 'ole Texas!

Walking alongside the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
President Abraham Lincoln

I look so tiny!
Korean War Veterans Memorial

One of the soldiers is always looking at you no matter where you are standing. Learned this from junior high teacher who was there with his students. I thought this was very interesting and a little creepy once I tested it out.

You can see the soldiers reflection. Gorgeous monument.

There she is, The White House!

I don't look touristy at all!

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