Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To Live


One of the greatest things about my month of me time in July is my Bikram Yoga. Each and every class I go to is completely different from the one before. It has a lot to do with how you're taking care of your body (i.e. nutrition and hydration) and what is going on in your life (i.e. personal and business). I learn so much about myself. 

The one thing I am coming to terms with is that I have not been living, I have been existing. This discovery sounds a little sad but it has actually been thrilling. To know that there is so much more out there for me.

From this day forward, I plan on enjoying my life more. Taking Kallie to experience thrilling activities, spending more time with her doing things she loves doing, spending time by myself writing, and so much more that my mind has not discovered yet hidden within it. 

Here is to a thrilling future!

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