Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

It's my favorite post of the week! My favorite pins from this week! I'm apparently feeling very inspired this week...I think it has something to with the Olympics, and that my sweet little girl is coming home TOMORROW!!!!!

1. Clap Yo' Hands

I'm feeling very proud of myself this week for the things I have accomplished in my life recently. We all deserve a little applause every once and a while!

2. Sit Back & Relax

I have the most AMAZING purple chaise lounge ;-) but this chair just looks simply to sit back and enjoy a good book and equally good cup of coffee in.

3. Your Children
 I need to remember this on a daily basis.

4. Curiosity

 I'm learning that there is no point in having fear. It gets you nowhere.

5. Little Funny

This makes me laugh every time I read it.

6. Morning Yum

 Who wouldn't be excited to eat these yummy oatmeals every morning?

7. Someone

Another one to remember. I wish they would hurry up.


Watching the 2012 London Olympic games as we speak. I love this time every four years.

8. Leopard Does No Wrong

I love everything about this leopard runner.

10. DREAM BIG...


(All via my Pinterest)


  1. I love those e-cards things I'm always in fits laughing at them on Pinterest. I love leopard print too that runner is FABULOUS! - Sam

  2. Hey, I'm a follower of your blog and I wanted to award you the Most Versatile Blogger award! Check out my blog for the details: and then pass on the love. Just wanted you to know how much I like your blog!!
    (And I know this totally sounds like a spam comment, but it isn't....totally real!!)