Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm not sure how anyone cannot be drawn into the Olympics! Watching Americans living out their dreams right in front of your eyes makes you feel like you know them. Like they are inviting you into the most amazing time of their lives. All these athletes are far away in jolly ol' London but watching their triumphs makes you want to do a back flip off your couch and hold your breath while they travel 200 meters across a pool, like you are the one competing. It makes you feel American. A pretty amazing feeling.

They create so much inspiration for me to see them reach these amazing goals and then once they reach them they set higher ones. It makes me think I can achieve anything I can set my mind to. I know I won't ever me an Olympian but it makes me feel closer to my dreams just seeing them achieve theirs. So proud of the USA! I say thank you for living your dreams!

The commercials this year have been AMAZING! Here are just a few of my favorites!



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