Thursday, June 7, 2012

Totally Random

I have a few random things going through my head so I thought I would share!

1. 10 Years? Say What?

I may or may not be freaking out a little. My best friend from high school, Whitney, text me last night and asked if I had seen our reunion was set. Has it seriously been 10 years? Am I that old? Ekk! We have already planned a day full of mani/pedi's, massages, getting our hair and make-up done and talked what we are going to wear. There maybe some day drinking and/or Zanax prior to the event.

2. What a Deal!!!

Well, what perfect timing! $24 for a whole month! (Usually $49 for an intro month, $99 every month after that if auto drafted.) Bikram Yoga loves me and the feeling is mutual. Bikram Dallas must have known I was wanting to come back because as soon as I posted about my June/July Money Freeze, it knew I needed a deal. That means I will save $25!!! Wahoo, get excited! You can purchase this deal from Groupon from today through Saturday, June 7-9th!

3. Pin To Win

Who isn't pinning these days? Check out this awesome contest over at Paper Source. If I'm reading the directions correctly, all you have to do is create a virtual pin board from the Paper Source website and its blog worth up to $250 by July 4th. Then they pick the most creative and you win $250! I love me some Paper Source!

4. Rainy Day Girl

It started raining aka FLOODING (and HAILING!!) yesterday afternoon, which means canceled swim lesson. Not too happy about that...fingers crossed today's doesn't get canceled!

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost the weekend!!

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  1. i wasn't sure if reunions happened anymore due to FB! Love the pic of Kallie - rainboots are so cute!