Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top Ten Thursday

Here are my top ten pins from this week...


Sometimes I think my dreams are totally crazy but this makes me feel a whole lot better about them!

2. Leopard & Pink Oh My

This combines four of my favorite things! Cake, pink, leopard and babies! Too stinking cute!

3. They will...

I started Bikram Yoga this past Monday. I absolutely love it but sometimes it is extremely hard to make it through class because it brings everything in your life to the forefront. There are moments when your doing a position and it feels like your thoughts might explode in your head. I know, intense. Then, afterwards when your mind has relaxed you have a better understanding of what those thoughts were that were forced out of you to think about and you think, things will get better.

4. think.


Although this provides for a very cute reading nook, I want the words think above my desk in my home office. I'm thinking this is going to be a weekend project.

5.  Oh, Thank You

I have already proclaimed to you guys that I am AWFUL with hair. This blog has YouTube video's on how to do little girls hair. I'm going to study these so Kallie can start having some super cute hairdos! 

6. Font Me

I'm always up for some fun new fonts! Free ones are ALWAYS the best!

7.  Emma Stone

What isn't there to love about this girl? Beautiful, smart, HILARIOUS, excellent role model I think.

8. She's got my HEART

I think I'm going to make Kallie this heart-shaped cake for when she comes home for next weekend. She will be SO excited! Simple but special!

9. Ryan Lochte

HOLY GORGEOUS! I do believe he is the one to watch this summer in the Olympics. I won't miss a race.

10. One Day

Yup. Just wait.

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  1. Your yoga class sounds intense!! I wish we lived closer together !! Love you - have a good weekend! xox