Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top Ten Pin Thursday

One of my favorite things right now is Pinterest! Here are my Top Ten Pins this week!

1. Peach Mango Sangria
{via pinterest}

I found a recipe for Sangria on Pinterest a couple months ago and I have made it a couple times. When I found this one, I knew it would make for a fun, new twist. A delicious one at that!

2. 25 Things I've learned in my 20's
{via pinterest}

I laughed, wanted to cry and smiled when I read this. All 25 facts are true. Either ones that have already, are currently or I know will occur in my life.

3. Lampshade
{via pinterest}

One of my best girls and co-workers, Angie, gave me a lamp shade for a "new" lamp  I got. It won't fit on it but I know it will work great for this project. It will also go perfectly in my bedroom!

4. Texas Sheet Cake Cupcakes
{via Pinterest}

I'm from Texas, I love chocolate and I love cupcakes! How can I not LOVE these little pieces of Heaven? These are next on my TO BAKE LIST!

5. Baby Onesies Pillow
{via pinterest}

I've always been a fan of the t-shirt blankets. With this pillow, you make it out of your babies onesies. I'm on it with Kallie's!

6. I Got the Blues
{via pinterest}

I so want a silky see-through shirt like this one. It is perfectly paired with these shorts. I LOVE this look!

7. the little things
{via pinterest}

I know Kallie is only 3 1/2 but it amazes me with how much she grows each day. She is the silliest, smartest, sweetest... little things she does from day to day are simply amazing. I am trying to remind myself to enjoy them before I turn around and she is in college. Feels like yesterday when she was kicking away in my belly.

8. The Crazy Ones
{via pinterest}

As I grow closer to 30, I feel more and more confident of my dreams. They are crazy dreams and the harder I work, I KNOW I can achieve them. I WILL achieve them.

9. Going to the Chapel (x2)
{via pinterest}

Not one, but two of my friends/co-workers are getting married this weekend. Same day, totally different cities! It wasn't planned, LOL! I am so happy for them and for their partners! This picture reminds me of one of them, Martin! I hope they take a picture like this! Yay, Libby and Martin!

10. Wedding Cake
{via pinterest}

When I think of weddings, I think of wedding cake! This one combines it with chevron and the colors are beautiful!

Have a great day bloggers!


  1. oh my goodness - hearing you say you are getting closer to 30 about made me cry! that means I am getting closer to the big 4-0!!! ahhhh!!!! love all of those pins & love YOU! xoxo